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ACCA Foundation In Accountancy

ACCA FIA Introduction


The ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA) is a course for those looking to pursue a career in the accounting and finance profession as well as aspiring graduates desiring to further their careers in the field of accountancy by obtaining a qualification awarded by ACCA, a globally recognised professional accountancy body.


The ACCA FIA course papers:

Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting RQF Level 2

  1. Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)

  2. Management Information (MA1)

Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting RQF Level 3

  1. Managing Financial Records (FA2)

  2. Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)

Diploma in Accounting and Business RQF Level 4

  1. Business and Technology (FBT)

  2. Management Accounting (FMA)

  3. Financial Accounting (FFA)

The ACCA FIA Advantage


ACCA FIA is the fastest and most efficient pathway to achieve a world-class ACCA Qualification that is recognised around the globe, designed for SPM graduates.

ACCA FIA graduates progressing to the ACCA qualification are granted exemptions from the Applied Knowledge Module (3 papers) and thus start directly at Applied Skills level (6 papers).

• A step towards becoming a professional accountant


• The fastest and direct route to attaining ACCA Qualification


• Earn the ACCA Qualification and be recognized as a business and finance professional


• Flexible pace to complete the ACCA Qualification


• Entry point to the ACCA qualification for people with non-accounting backgrounds

J Pro ACCA FIA Intake ( November 2021 - May 2022 )

We offer all 7 papers of the ACCA FIA modules in one package. Complete ACCA FIA in 2 months. We introduce a precise and fast method for a faster completion and pathway to your ACCA qualification.

Course includes:

1) Course notes and revision kit.

2) Live class via google meet sessions.

3) One time On-Demand Computer Based Examination for each 7 individual course papers.

Course progress:

1) Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) ( Complete in 6 days )

2) Management Information (MA1) ( Complete in 6 Days )

3) Managing Financial Records (FA2) ( Complete in 6 Days )

4) Managing Costs and Finance (MA2) ( Complete in 6 Days )

5) Business and Technology (FBT) ( Complete in 8 Days )

6) Management Accounting (FMA) ( Complete in 8 Days )

7) Financial Accounting (FFA) ( Complete in 8 Days )

Course Fees ( All 7 papers and one time On-Demand CBE):

RM 7000 only

Register Now using below link for ACCA FIA


*Course fee stated above does not cover retakes syllabus and revision and resit for on-demand exams for each individual course papers.

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