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Global C Suite Business and Finance Programme

Take a significant step towards achieving a worldwide recognition

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Key Worldwide Distinction

The CGMA designation is the premier management accounting credential- distinguishing accounting professionals who have advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy and management.

Global Recognition

Through the C Suite Program, we can enhance your existing expertise and expedite your journey toward acquiring the esteemed Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) credential, recognized globally and held in high regard.



Through this accelerated program, participants will solely undertake the Strategic Case Study examination of the CGMA qualification. Successful completion of the exam and membership application will be awarded the ACMA and CGMA titles.


C-suite executives such as CFOs, CEOs and senior management who have at least ten years of relevant experience in accounting, finance and business functions.

Take Only 1 Exam

Lets Walk Through The Process

  1. Candidate submit documents to JPro.

  2. CIMA admits the candidate into the program.

  3. Candidates attends Strategic Case Study (SCS) workshop.

  4. Candidate takes the Strategic Case Study exam.

  5. Candidate apply for CIMA membership.

  6. AWARD - CGMA Designation & CIMA Membership

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(60) 16 263 0649 (Kumar)
(60) 17 878 6074 (Jay)

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