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ACCA Course Discount Policy

Audit Firm Staff Discount

J Pro Training has a special offer for September 2019 exams for those in the firms. Physical Classroom has a discount of 30% if you get a letter from your firm stating that you are working with them. This offer is valid for all firms in Malaysia.


Terms and conditions:

  • Student need to provide a formal letter confirming current employment status (2019) from their respective audit firm.

  • "Audit Firm Staff Discount" are not stack-able or transferable with any other discounts offered at J Pro Business Training.

  • "Audit Firm Staff Discount"  are only for full course purchase (Syllabus and Revision) with full course payment settled before joining the physical classroom.

  • "Audit Firm Staff Discount" only available for physical classroom learning method.

  • "Audit Firm Staff Discount" only valid for September 2019 exam preparations.

  • "Audit Firm Staff Discount" period is from June 2019 to August 2019.

  • Classroom terms and conditions will apply to "Audit Firm Staff Discount". Please refer to this link for physical class timetable and classroom terms and conditions.

30 % OFF

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