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What is OBU coaching

Get coached the right way for your OBU project. The coaching session is not a mentoring session.

The coaching session will guide you in detail on how to complete your project. This coaching session will provide:

  1. Ideas for your project

  2. How to pick models and gather the correct data

  3. In-depth writing tips

  4. Analysis of your overall project

  5. identify your project weakness

Coaching session is only available for selected topics : 17, 18 and 20 only.

Coaching session for November 2022 starts and expires on: 15th June 2022 until 1st November 2022.

Minimum students required to start the coaching session for period 45 is 5 students.

Register now and we will update you once the minimum student numbers is met.

New student coaching fee
RM 2000 Only

Repeating J Pro mentee coaching fee
RM 1500 Only

*Fees paid for OBU mentoring and coaching are separate and not linked.

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