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Certified Practising Accountant
(CPA - Australia)

Get the latest information on CPA - Australia program

About the CPA-Australia program

More than just technical accounting, the CPA program goes beyond numbers, it equips you to tackle any accounting challenges, financial or business situations you might face in today’s global marketplace. The globally recognised program ensures you acquire skills needed for leadership, strategy and business.

CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with a global membership of more than 164,000 members (and counting) working in 150 countries and regions around the world.


It provides education, training, technical support and advocacy services to its members while working together with local and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia and the general public.

Why CPA-Australia

Globally Recognised

CPA Australia is a globally recognised certification enabling students to tackle the challenges of accountancy, finance and business situations present in the global marketplace.

100% Employability Rate

CPA Australia graduates have a 100% employability rate with opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

Shortest CPA Pathway

Easiest, most affordable and fastest CPA Australia pathway in Malaysia to a professional accounting certification. Graduate in 4 years with available scholarships.

Industry-Expert Lecturers

Our students are taught by industry experts to enhance their learning experience and translate concepts into practice.

Entry Requirement

Recognition for prior study

You may be eligible for exemptions based on the subjects you studied in your degree

Recognition of experience

You may be offered exemptions based on your prior experience.

Recognition of membership of another professional body

We have recognised pathways with many professional bodies. Find out what exemptions might be available based on professional qualification.

Buildings from Below

Practical Work Experience

Key Requirements

▶︎ Complete a minimum of three years of relevant work experience.


▶︎ Demonstrate competence in the necessary technical, business, personal effectiveness and leadership skills


▶︎ You will need a mentor who is a CPA, FCPA or IFAC member to review your experience and sign-off the time period that you’re claiming and the skills that you’ve acquired


▶︎Previous relevant experience can be recognised before, during or after you’ve finished the professional education component

Course Details

Ethics & Governance

Intake Period: February / July

Duration: 3 Months per semester

Session: Face to face or online live 

Financial Reporting

Intake Period: February / July

Duration: 3 Months per semester

Session: Face to face or online live 

Strategic Management Accounting

Intake Period: February / July

Duration: 3 Months per semester

Session: Face to face or online live 

Global Strategy & Leadership

Intake Period: February / July

Duration: 3 Months per semester

Session: Face to face or online live 

The CPA Program education component comprises four compulsory subjects:

  • Ethics and Governance

  • Strategic Management Accounting

  • Financial Reporting

  • Global Strategy and Leadership


And, two electives selected from:

  • Advanced Audit and Assurance

  • Contemporary Business Issues

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Financial Planning Fundamentals

  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning

  • Investment Strategies

  • Risk Advice and Insurance


You can complete the CPA Program subjects in the order of your choice – with the exception of Global Strategy and Leadership, which can only be undertaken once you’ve completed the other three compulsory subjects.


A popular approach is to enrol in:

  • Ethics and Governance

  • Strategic Management Accounting

  • Financial Reporting

  • Elective 1

  • Elective 2

  • Global Strategy and Leadership

Contact Hours & Exam Structure


Core Classes

30 - 34 hours


Intensive Revision Course

4 hours


Mock Exam

3 hours

Compulsory Modules

Combination of multiple-choice and extended-response questions

Elective Modules

100 per cent multiple-choice questions

Important Program Dates

Semester 2 2024

▶︎ Enrolment opens - Tuesday 11 June

▶︎ Exam scheduling opens - Tuesday 11 June

▶︎ Early bird enrolment closing date - Wednesday 10 July

▶︎ Final enrolment closing date - Tuesday 23 July

▶︎ Semester starts - Monday 22 July

▶︎ Closing date for exam scheduling or rescheduling - Monday 29 July

▶︎ Exam period - Wednesday 2 October ~ Sunday 20 October

▶︎ Exam results released via the CPA Australia website - Friday 29 November

Course Fee & Timetable

Ethics & Governance

Fees: RM 1000

Financial Reporting

Fees: RM 1000

Strategic Management Accounting

Fees: RM 1000

Global Strategy & Leadership

Fees: RM 1000

Lecturer Profile

Mr Sathiyaseelan (Jay)

MSC - Accounting and Finance (UK)

ACCA - Fellow

Principal Trainer

Mr Jay FCCA JPro

How To Apply

Register by clicking the below link for the course

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If you need further clarification you may drop us a message below.

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