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ACCA SBL Top Scorer

Ms Venusha Shunmugam

SBL September 2018 Exams (81 Marks)

Malaysian Prize Winner

I was recommended by a friend who also took lessons at J Pro. I enrolled for P7 in April and SBL in July. Thank to Mr Jay, I passed both papers in my first attempt and managed to score 81 marks for SBL paper. Mr Jay is very knowledgeable and an experienced tutor who always keeps the class lively. Mr Jay’s positive and jovial attitude towards teaching really piqued my interest in the subject I was being tutored for. His simplified notes are easy to understand and are always straight to the point. Mr Jay’s mnemonic to remember concepts and compilation of 100+ revision questions was definitely effective. Enrolling at J Pro also gave me the flexibility to study online from home. I only have to watch the 4 hour recorded lesson once a week and practice revision questions by watching the tutors video where he provides detailed explanation on how to solve past year questions. Overall, it has been a great experience to learn under the guidance of Mr Jay and I am looking forward to complete my final ACCA professional paper with his coaching. Thank you J Pro Business Training and Mr Jay.


Ms Lim Yong Jia

AAA September 2018 Exams (81 Marks)

Malaysian Prize Winner

Amazing experience with J Pro P7 (AAA) class as it allows me to complete my P7 (AAA) study in 2 months with 81 marks.

J Pro's class note is compressed but very informative.

It is most suitable for those who are actually working and have limited time to study.

The question bank in J Pro online learning system was very helpful while I was practiced my past year questions.

Greatly appreciate for the entire study plan by Mr.Jay.

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