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What is OBU?

What is OBU?


ACCA and Oxford Brookes University have collaborated together to develop a BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting. It is available exclusively to ACCA students who wish to obtain a degree while studying the ACCA Qualification.

Why do OBU?

Why do OBU?


There are lots of benefits to completing the degree, the main one being a degree and a professional accounting qualification are a powerful combination of qualifications to have, putting you in demand with employers and increasing your career prospects.

Are You Eligible?

Are you eligible?


  1. Registered or opted into OBU before completing FR, AA, FM.

  2. Pass the FR, AA, FM ACCA papers.

  3. Complete ACCA ethics and professional skills module according to submission dates.

  4. Not more than 10 years since started ACCA qualitfications.

Selecting a mentor?

Selecting a mentor?


  • Your tutor at College or University

  • A senior colleague at work e.g. your line manager

  • A qualified Chartered Certified Accountant

  • All above must be a registered mentor with Oxford Brookes University.

J Pro OBU Process



  • An introduction to what is OBU Degree and the structure of the research and analysis project.



  • Follow up on online briefing

  • Overview and review of Workshop 1

  • Overview and review of Workshop 2

  • Mentee presentation

  • Mentee OBU Project Final Submission



  • Structures

  • Data Sources

  • Models

  • Analysis

  • Evaluation

  • Discussions

  • Presentations

  • Skill / Learning



  • 6th June 2024 to 24th September 2024 (Intake period 49)

  • * Online mentee will have a standard 3 + 2 meeting sessions. Workshop not included since it is done physically at J Pro Business Training.

The Mentor
mr jay_edited.jpg

Mr. Sathiyaseelan (Jay)

OBU Registered Mentor

Mr Jay has been mentoring since 1999 and so far have mentored over more than 300 students.  He has a distinction in his MSc Accounting and Finance from Glouchestershire University (UK) which was done by research.  He is also a Fellow Member of ACCA.


​Currently a lecturer at J Pro Business Training and Sunway College Johor.


​He currently teaches all 6 professional level papers and have vast knowledge in the field of marketing, finance, law, accounting and business.


​He has been involved in past for supervision of thesis for University of Northhumbria @ Newcaslte (UK) program (Stamford college) and University of Sunderland (UK).


​He was one of the few lecturers that could teach all the CIM(UK) papers when it was offered at Sunway College (PJ), specialising in Strategic marketing, Marketing research and also marketing communication.


For Period 49 ( Nov 2024 Submission )


  • Standard 3 meetings

  • Additional 2 Research Workshop (for face to face mentee only)

  • Follow up 2 meetings (for online mentee only)

  • Grammarly software assistance

  • Each meeting consist of 30 Minutes.

RM 3000



For Period 49 ( Nov 2024 Submission )

RAP Fail Review Only

  • Standard 2 meetings

  • Each meeting consist of 30 Minutes.

RM 1500



For Period 49 ( Nov 2024 Submission )

SLS Fail Review only

  • Standard 2 meetings

  • Each meeting consist of 30 Minutes.

RM 500


Announcement: During this Covid-19 pandemic, we might have the physical meeting via google meet session by following the rules and regulations laid out by the Malaysian Government until further notice.


BSc Applied Accounting – changes to eligibility rules


Oxford Brookes University (OBU) recognises that 2020 has been challenging for many students. OBU have therefore considered how they might support students who wish to participate in the BSc Applied Accounting and have updated the eligibility rules for the programme.


To be eligible from May 2021 onwards, students must


  • Have passed Financial Reporting (was F7), Audit and Assurance (was F8) and Financial Management (was F9) ACCA examinations

  • Have passed, or gained exemption from, the other six papers at the Knowledge Level and Skills Level. Note that conditional exemptions do not qualify you to submit the Research and Analysis Project (RAP).

  • Have completed the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills module (or the previous Professional Ethics module)

  • Demonstrate currency of knowledge by EITHER

    • passing your RAP within 10 years of the earliest of: the date of your first ACCA examination pass, or the date of your first ACCA exemption being granted


  • o passing 3 ACCA (Applied Skills or Strategic Professional) examinations in the 5 year period before submission of your RAP

OBU recognises that the pandemic may have disrupted students’ studies and so has introduced another way in which students can demonstrate currency of knowledge.


The new rule is that a student must have passed 3 ACCA examinations in the last 5 years. The examinations can either be Applied Skills or Strategic Professional examinations (or a mixture of both). The award of the BSc Applied Accounting is based on the Applied Knowledge and Skills papers, this has not changed. By passing strategic professional papers you are demonstrating that your accounting knowledge is current.


There is no longer a requirement to have opted-in to the BSc Applied Accounting prior to sitting FR (was F7), FM (was F9) or AA (was F8). When you opt-in to the BSc on your MyACCA page you are agreeing to receive information about the programme. You can opt-out at any time.


Please note a new version of the 2020/21 Information Pack will be published in early January reflecting these new rules and both ACCA and OBU are in the process of updating their web pages.

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