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ACCA Online Timetable

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  • June 2023 exam preparation timetable Released. Register now!

Why Choose J Pro?

ACCA June 2023 Exams Preparation Timetable 

Course Period (25th/26th  March 2023 to 9th June 2023)

APM J23 Online Timetable.jpg
AFM J23 Online Timetable.jpg
SBR J23 Online Timetable.jpg
ATX J23 Online Timetable.jpg
AAA J23 Online Timetable.jpg
SBL J23 Online Timetable.jpg
Benefits and features of J Pro Online
  1. ​​Live class stated in the timetable are fully taught online live for 4.5 hours. Students can attend live online or if you miss the session you are able to watch the recorded videos according to the uploaded dates in the online system.
  2. Course notes and revision kit containing ACCA past years are only given via PDF only. Students may download and print if necessary.
  3. 60+ hours of video practice for revision are given as homework and it is fully based on pre-recorded videos. These videos are for student extra practice before the exams.
  4. Reports on students progress will be sent for student performance tracking.
  5. Progress test 1 once released are accessible by students via the online learning system. Students may complete this 1 week after release.
  6. Mock test have personal feedback from the lecturer. Mock feedback are given 5 days after the student submission and if the student submits late before the exam date feedback given will be done accordingly.
  7. This is a 3 months course and students will need to be committed to the programme. Students who are not attending the live class should watch the uploaded live videos in time before your next live class to stay updated. Last minute binge watching may not be an effective way to pass your exams.
  8. We have group and online platform where students may ask course query to clarify. The lecturer will personally address the query.

ACCA March 2023 Exams Preparation Timetable 

Course Period (18th/31st  December 2022 to 10th March 2023)

Discount Rates for Retake

Discount Rates 2022.png
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